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-When you setup additional folders outside of the ‘Sites’ folder to serve files, they cannot be in a directory path where in higher up directory has restricted rights (you can’t serve files from anywhere in the ‘Documents’ folder).

-If you add a virtual host, make sure the home directory/ doc root has a corresponding directory entry. So the <VirtualHost>’s docroot needs to have a <Directory> to make it so the default apache settings for directories don’t deny the server access.

-When you uncomment the link to the virtual hosts file, make a vhost for localhost too.

-When you specify an error log output file for php, chmod it to be globally writable (so php can write to it).

-Eclipse in Mac OS X is funky (Ganymede) with the pdt plugin.

-The debugger module does not work for php unless you compile a 64-bit version of xdebug, which didn’t work easily.

-the zend_path or whatever sucks! This needs to point to the, this was not documented anywhere for mac os x. You have to move it to the weird extensions folder in usr/lib/php or edit the extension_dir, after you have compiled and put the in that location.

-The extension_dir should not be ‘./’, which just means current folder, but should point to ‘usr/lib/php/extensions’ or something (by mem, update later)

-Updating the mysql values in php.ini is pretty straight forward.