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Posted on April - 25 - 2008

This blog serves as a knowledge base for my experience developing software applications. My focus has primarily been in using open source software to develop SaaS products, but software development also involves the learning of a little bit of everything. Of course, the theory and design patterns are things I try and keep up on, apart from specific languages.

Update (June 2019): During law school I managed to stay somewhat current with technology. This included work on on a MEAN app and getting familiar with Angular, python scripting, and the Laravel framework for php. After practicing law, which I still do part-time (mainly in a pro bono/legal services capacity), I’ve had a blast with some new technology stacks. Transitioning from Angular 2+ land, I started work on some really fun projects using React, Python’s Django framework, and most recently Elixir and the Phoenix framework. This latest foray into Elixir has prompted some updated content.

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in information systems. I initially avoided being an engineer by switching from Electrical Engineering to Information Systems in college. Regrettably, my academic laziness wasn’t overcome until the end of my sophomore year. Eventually I decided to go to law school at the University of Utah and was pleased to find some work that is more directly involved with community. The primary goal: A career that perhaps encourages a positive departure from the status quo.

Hopefully there will be at least a thing or two in here someone else can find useful. Use the categories in the sidebar to view my limited stash of knowledge. Since my audience is primarily myself, I tend to throw stuff up fast, hence the enormous amounts of typos and bad page organization.

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