Elixir Wallaby uncaught JavaScript error

If you see this error, you may likely have a JS error that has crept in to your JS build you did not realize:

** (Wallaby.JSError) There was an uncaught JavaScript error:

My full error ended up resolving to an app.js file, which took me a second to realize had some new code on a pre-login page. This ended up explaining why the login tests were failing when the login form was loaded (who would have thought?).

The generic nature of the js file (app.js) made it so I did not initially recognize some local code was calling a function on a non-existent element from a DOM query, which was resolving to undefined (so the classList property being referenced was failing).

 ** (Wallaby.JSError) There was an uncaught JavaScript error:
webpack:///./js/app.js? 115:22 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'classList' of null

I have found that issues like this will likely have more to do with local code. The default logger settings are somewhat helpful, and the stack trace eventually resolved to (wallaby 0.28.0) lib/wallaby/chrome/logger.ex:8: Wallaby.Chrome.Logger.parse_log/1.

It took me a minute to realize the app.js here was our local webpack build, not some internal Wallaby build of some sort. If Wallaby is truly the issue, you can try and update dependencies, and I would note you would something more similar to a Chromedriver session id error, as with https://n8williams.com/devblog/general_dev/elixir-wallaby-and-chromedriver-issue-runtimeerror-invalid-session-id.

To this point I have been very pleased with Wallaby, I cannot recommend it enough for acceptance testing, etc!

local -A invalid option, the outdated bash A option issue

TL/DR; Make sure your bash or shell program is up to date, with something like brew install bash. Especially if you are on a Mac, and have updated the OS recently.

If you see this error: local: -A: invalid option

There are a number of things that may be triggering this. For me, it was an asdf install of an plugin for a new version of Node.js. Or in a nutshell, an issue trying to update my version of node.

When I did some digging into the line of a node install util, I found there was a bash script that as calling something using an -A option in lib/utils.sh: line 35: local: -A: invalid option.

I was curious why -A would not work, and when I issued the command bash --version, from my shell it was a version from 2007! I can’t believe I have gotten away with using a 2007 shell for so long.

The new Mac OS versions use zsh/the Z shell, and one option is to use this. I did not heed Mac’s warning: The default interactive shell is now zsh … See: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/371997/suppressing-the-default-interactive-shell-is-now-zsh-message-in-macos-catalina

As I use a lot of bash aliases, I was a bit wary of switching to the z shell, so I just made sure to install an updated version of bash using homebrew. I plan on looking into the Z shell sometime soon and maybe maybe the switch. It appears there are some niceties to zsh vs bash. There are some great resources on making the switch, my favorite being: https://carlosroso.com/the-right-way-to-migrate-your-bash-profile-to-zsh/