git permissions error: unable to create temporary sha1 filename ./objects/19: File exists

I had done a git rm of some swp files (I had forgotten to put *.swp in my .gitignore for this project) and after committing, I pushed to the remote origin and was suprised to see:

error: unable to create temporary sha1 filename ./objects/19: File exists

If you get this error (Where 19 is a number unique to your situation), then it is probably a permissions issue. On the remote server, make sure the remote bare repos, and ALL subfolders and files are owned by the appropriate (usually git) user. What is annoying is that somehow in the course of pretty normal git tasks, a non-git user was assigned ownership, or the git user was denied rights somehow. I forgot to check what the bad permissions were before I chowned and chgrped the files.

Once I logged in as an admin, changed to the git user’s home directory where all the remote bare repos exist, and issued ’sudo chown -R git ./’ and ’sudo chgrp -R git ./’ all was well.

I think the way to avoid this error is to make sure you are using the git user if you are pushing changes on the same server as the remote git repos.

See a more in depth discussion at

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