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Check out the link, and learn how to use pass arguments to Coldfusion methods using the argumentCollection as your parameter. This is slick.

I was doing the following, concatenating my argument list to change with logic. I should have been using an argument struct instead of a clumsy string that was being evaluated like this:

argsColl = "";
argsColl &= "username=Almonzo,";
argsColl &= "password="LauRa123";
authorized = securityCFC.getAuth(Evaluate(argsColl));

The following was so much cooler, cut my code down, and made it so I didn’t have to figure out why the Evaluate function won’t evaluate strings with commas:)

argsColl = structNew();
argsColl.username = "Almonzo";
argsColl.password = "LauRa123";
authorized = securityCFC.getAuth(argumentCollection = argsColl);

Helpful link:

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