Flex DataGrid rows. Does the selected item’s index in the dataprovider ArrayCollection change when the grid is re-sorted?


For example, if I have 4 rows displaying user info, if the first row’s user has a name of ‘Kato’, the dataproviderUserArrayCollection[0].name = “Kato”.

What happens when I resort the rows by userNumber (or something) and Kato’s row is the third row? Is the the index of Kato’s Object in the array collection 0 or 2? It’s 2.

The array shifts to match the datagrid’s visual display (factuality, I’m sure the data model itself changes before the visual rendering is response to a click on a column title). So if Kato’s row moved from first place to third, so did his dataprovider array position. dataproviderUserArrayCollection[0].name = “Kato” shifted to dataproviderUserArrayCollection[2].name = “Kato”.

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